Oía Clip

Our newest metal claw clip, elevated from its previous traditional plastic mold to a new, classic gold finish.

Designed for thick, full updos

We know. When you have thick hair, it's hard to find an accessory you can count on, especially for special events like weddings. That's where Oía comes in. Engineered with durable metal with a gold finish, Oía adds a level of elegance to your outfit while securely holding your ponytail or updo in place.

Looks familiar?

Yup. We took a clip we loved and made it better. While we loved the abstract and organic shape of the original Oía Clip, we upgraded the body to a metal gold finish for a more durable and polished look.

It also doesn't hurt that it made it 5x more durable.

designed for...

Thick & Long Hair

Crafted to support long, thick, and heavy hair, Oía is heavy-duty and designed for full updos and long ponytails. If you have thin, light, or fine hair, we recommend something lighter such as our Dune Clip.

Special Events

When you're celebrating, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your hair is going to stay in place. Ditch that thought with Oía. Look chic, polished, & elegant without worrying about your hair staying in place. Trust us. It's going to look amazing with that dress.